Learning Support Centre

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Help with Anxiety

Help with the transition to college and university: Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities

Our Philosophy:

We provide academic, physical, emotional, and/or behavioural support to students with exceptionalities. We take a collaborative approach, working closely with students, parents and colleagues to provide all students with opportunities for achievement and success.

* Teamwork

* Communication

* Consistency

* Flexibility

The LSC is a multi-purpose space with a variety of areas suitable for independent and group work. Learning Support Teachers work collaboratively with EAs and subject teachers to enhance student learning.

Student Supports Offered:

* IEP development and review

* Daily/weekly/monthly check-ins

* Organizational support and strategies

* SEA Training and Support

* Alternative settings and work space for tests/assignments

* Tutorials and mini-workshops

* Transition activities/planning

* Group sessions: exam preparation and study skills

* Acquisition of e-texts (AERO)

* Collaboration with subject teachers, Guidance Counsellors and Student Success teachers as needed

* Individualized support

* Support for students dealing with chronic and/or acute health issues

Our Learning Support Staff

Department Head: Erika Hopper

Learning Support Teacher: Samuel Gauzas

Educational Assistant: Debbie Boville

Staff Supports Offered:

* Classroom support as needed

* Information and strategies relating to specific exceptionalities (Autism, LD, AD(H)D, Physical Disabilities, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Blind and Low Vision)

* Alternative settings and work space for tests/assignments and small group support

* SEA Training and support

* Mini-workshops and support with the implementation of IEP accommodations

For Parents:

Subject-specific questions relating to course content or course assessment and evaluation should be directed to the classroom teacher as a first step. Similarly, timetable questions and/or requests for timetable changes must go through the student’s counsellor in Student Services.

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